POLARIS: A New Era of Compact Yet Powerful ROVs by RovTech Solutions

Redefining Versatility and Agility in Remote Operated Vehicles

POLARIS: A New Era of Compact Yet Powerful ROVs by RovTech Solutions

Redefining Versatility and Agility in Remote Operated Vehicles


Our newest addition, POLARIS, sets a benchmark for compact, operator-maintained ROVs. Despite its small size and weight, POLARIS boasts remarkable speed, agility, and payload capabilities. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, it promises reliable and cost-effective inland and offshore marine inspections.


A New Chapter in ROV Technology

We've got something special to share: say hello to POLARIS, our newest and most compact ROV to date. You're probably thinking a smaller size means compromises, right? Wrong. POLARIS might be small, but it's a heavyweight when it comes to capabilities.

Features That Surprise

  • Size and Weight: POLARIS is incredibly compact. Its dimensions are just a tad larger than the Pro4, and it weighs only 12Kgs.
  • Payload: Hold onto your hats—Polaris can carry up to 2Kg (4.4lb) without needing any extra buoyancy.
  • Speed and Agility: This little guy is fast and can easily navigate through tight spaces, thanks to our state-of-the-art control system and four brushless-DC, flooded thrusters.
  • Depth: POLARIS can dive down to a depth of 300M without any modifications. Pretty impressive, huh?

Built for the Real World

  • Quality: We've built POLARIS to meet the high standards demanded by our nuclear industry clients.
  • Operator Maintenance: POLARIS is a modular system, made up of just seven easy-to-replace components. Need a part? New and refurbished modules are readily available.
  • Additional Features: From Geiger sensor integration for nuclear applications to onboard Line Isolation Monitor with alarm and trip, POLARIS is packed with features designed to meet various industry needs.

Not Just the ROV, Meet the Micro-Gripper

The RSL Micro-Gripper is fully compatible with POLARIS and offers added functionality for inspection and minor intervention tasks. It's lightweight, strong, and available in 2 and 3 jaw configurations.


Our focus is always on making life easier for operators and offering efficient, reliable solutions. POLARIS stands as a testament to this commitment, offering an ROV system that's not only compact and agile but also easily maintained by the operator.

Your Thoughts Matter

We're excited about POLARIS, and we'd love to hear what you think. POLARIS isn't just a product; it's a promise of reliability, efficiency, and high performance. We look forward to seeing how it makes a difference in your operations.

Stephen Phelps
10 months ago
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