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The SeaSweep series offers a battery-operated, extendable, and submersible rotary brush designed for various cleaning tasks in marine and offshore environments.

  • Rotary Brush
Rotary Brush

Rotary Brush (RSL-1328)

The Rotary Brush is a versatile cleaning tool designed for marine and offshore environments. With a modular and extendable design, it can be customized to fit a wide range of cleaning tasks.

The Rotary Brush is designed as a simple, yet effective solution for cleaning small areas in either the offshore or marine sectors.

A range of heads are available to give versatility. From a flat head (2 sizes available), to a 'toilet cleaner style' and also a thin blade. The heads are interchangeable as they are supplied with their own RSL shaft. Two easily removeable split/cotter pins make for easy operation.

The brush was initially designed for the nuclear market where it was battery powered and deployed using the RSL Interlocking, extendable Pole system. It was then given the slight adaptation for it to work via an ROV.

The brush is 300mm in length, but can be extended dependent on the requirement.

Product Manufacturer: Rovtech Solutions Ltd.

Product Code: 1328


  • marine cleaning
  • offshore cleaning
  • rotary brush
  • battery powered
  • portable
  • submersible


  • battery powered
  • portable
  • rotary brush
  • submersible
  • extendable
  • customizable
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