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Remote Inspection tooling & services for the Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Marine, Energy and Defence Industries.


The RSL series of consoles are compact video recording monitoring suites most of which also provide power and control for camera and lighting, all housed in a rugged waterproof case.

  • HD/SD Console
  • Mini Inspection
  • 4-Channel Console
HD/SD Console

HD/SD Console (RSL-2400)

The RSL HD/SD console is a compact single channel video recording monitoring suite which also provides power and control for the camera and lighting. Housed in a rugged waterproof case. It is also capable of recording audio and has user controlled text overlays.

The RSL HD/SD console, is housed in a rugged waterproof easily transported suitcase and features an 15" HD monitor screen fitted in the lid. It is powered from either 110Vac or 240Vac mains with no need to select the input voltage. With user text overlays and a simple file storage system that allows the user to search for files only within the user defined project name and download them from the internal 1TB SSD to a USB stick. The console is easy to use. To record simply press the central button to start and press it again to stop. All other recorder functions are accesed by a built in touchpad so if you don't have a mouse or keyboard you are not delayed, however the 2x USB sockets allow an mouse & keyboard to be attached if preferred. This console has an analogue control knob giving a smooth and precise control over small and medium RSL lamps, which is excellent for underwater camera use. Finally this console has an audio input that is recorded onto the videos, good for narrating or recording the line/record output of a diver comms box. It is not surpriseing that this console is popular with professional divers.

Product Manufacturer: Rovtech Solutions Ltd.

Product Code: 2400

Name Value
Storage 1TB SSD
Audio in Line in
Audio out Internal speaker/ HDMI
Connector 19 way
Dimensions 410 (L) x 340 (W) x 205 (D) mm
Resolution Full HD monitor
file format .avi
USB download
Body material Polypropylene
Input voltage 110-240vac
Light control sml/med LED lamps
zoom controls
Light dimmable
Video Output(s) [1x] HDMI
one touch record
pan/tilt controls
Monitor Dimensions 15"
built in touch pad
no of channels/ inputs 1
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