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Products: Miscellaneous

Explore a collection of various other products and accessories that support underwater operations and explorations. This category includes a range of items that do not fall under the other categories but are essential in facilitating successful underwater endeavors.


Explore the Mini-Vid series, designed to accomodate on-site inspections with compact and portable solutions. Each product in this series is crafted to be a lightweight yet rugged companion for professionals in various fields, offering intuitive controls. Equipped with built-in monitors and battery-operated setups, the Mini-Vid series promises a hassle-free, ready-to-use experience, making on-site inspections smoother and more efficient.

  • HRV-E

HRV-E (RSL-1631)

A single channel battery powered handheld recorder, built in 3.5" screen, standard sized SD card slot has a composite video input socket and a video through socket.

RSL Video Harvester allow you to Harvest Realtime Video - Easily (HRV-E). Once the internal Li-ion battery is charged, simply plug the BNC lead to an existing SD composite video signal from a camera/cctv system/ HDD recorder/player/ console output insert the standard sized SD card switch on, See the live video on the 3.5" screen and press record. press again to stop recording. HRV-E records video in a format which Windos natively supports, no need to install new programs and no need to install drivers or Codecs. HRV-E also have a video through which lets you record the signal without adversly interupting the system you are taking footage from.Whats more you can convert pre-recorded footage by playing back into HRV-E whilst recording.

Product Manufacturer: Rovtech Solutions Ltd.

Product Code: 1631

Name Value
Storage external SD 32GB
Audio in
Audio out
Connector [2x] BNC
Resolution Full HD monitor
file format .mp4 (native windows playable)
USB download
Body material ABS
Input voltage 7.4V (supplied with 110-240vac charger)
Light control
zoom controls
Light dimmable
Video Output(s) [1x] CBVS (through)
one touch record
pan/tilt controls
Monitor Dimensions 3.5"
built in touch pad
no of channels/ inputs 1
battery run time (full charge) 1h45m constant recording
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GripMate Series

The GripMate Series offers a range of gripsticks designed for use in harsh environments, such as Sellafield Sites, and primarily used for waste recovery. Compatible with both Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) and Hand Held systems, these gripsticks provide flexibility, adaptability, and a wide range of interchangeable jaws for tackling various tasks.

  • Micro Gripper

Adaptable Gripstick

Adaptable gripstick for waste recovery and underwater tasks in harsh environments

The RSL Adaptable Gripstick is a versatile underwater tool designed for use in harsh environments, such as Sellafield Sites. With a range of interchangeable jaws and compatibility with both ROVs and Hand Held systems, the Gripstick allows operators to perform various tasks efficiently and effectively. The RSL Gripstick has been a feature of the Rovtech Solutions functional solutions for many years, however recently it has been slightly modified for use in harsh environments. The material used is now in line with accepted standards of Sellafield Sites and it has been deployed within several ponds. Primarily used for waste recovery, it can be used directly on a Remotely Operated Vehicle or Hand Held utilizing an adaptable pole. The gripstick enables the operators to achieve good results by giving them a large degree of flexibility to perform many tasks. The jaws are interchangeable and can also be bespoke designed for the most challenging of tasks. Added to the tooling is now a set of interconnecting deployment poles. Each pole is provided with its own buoyancy unit so that the weight of the poles can remain neutral in water. These poles can be client-led for length. The gripstick is available in a full range of sizes and can be adapted for a precise solution to most handling problems. The handheld option is supplied with a peli case control console for ease of portability.

Product Manufacturer: Rovtech Solutions Ltd.


  • harsh environments
  • nuclear industry
  • Waste recovery
  • underwater operations
  • ROV operations


  • Harsh environments
  • waste recovery
  • underwater tasks
  • ROV compatible
  • Hand Held compatible
  • interchangeable jaws
  • adaptable poles
  • buoyancy units
  • peli case control console
Name Value
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