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Remote Inspection tooling & services for the Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Marine, Energy and Defence Industries.


Explore the Mini-Vid series, designed to accomodate on-site inspections with compact and portable solutions. Each product in this series is crafted to be a lightweight yet rugged companion for professionals in various fields, offering intuitive controls. Equipped with built-in monitors and battery-operated setups, the Mini-Vid series promises a hassle-free, ready-to-use experience, making on-site inspections smoother and more efficient.

  • HRV-E

HRV-E (RSL-1631)

A single channel battery powered handheld recorder, built in 3.5" screen, standard sized SD card slot has a composite video input socket and a video through socket.

RSL Video Harvester allow you to Harvest Realtime Video - Easily (HRV-E). Once the internal Li-ion battery is charged, simply plug the BNC lead to an existing SD composite video signal from a camera/cctv system/ HDD recorder/player/ console output insert the standard sized SD card switch on, See the live video on the 3.5" screen and press record. press again to stop recording. HRV-E records video in a format which Windos natively supports, no need to install new programs and no need to install drivers or Codecs. HRV-E also have a video through which lets you record the signal without adversly interupting the system you are taking footage from.Whats more you can convert pre-recorded footage by playing back into HRV-E whilst recording.

Product Manufacturer: Rovtech Solutions Ltd.

Product Code: 1631

Name Value
Storage external SD 32GB
Audio in
Audio out
Connector [2x] BNC
Resolution Full HD monitor
file format .mp4 (native windows playable)
USB download
Body material ABS
Input voltage 7.4V (supplied with 110-240vac charger)
Light control
zoom controls
Light dimmable
Video Output(s) [1x] CBVS (through)
one touch record
pan/tilt controls
Monitor Dimensions 3.5"
built in touch pad
no of channels/ inputs 1
battery run time (full charge) 1h45m constant recording
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