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Products: Jet Pumps

Leveraging the Venturi effect, these pumps excel in mobilizing and transporting liquids and slurries efficiently across various industries. With their simple design, they promise low maintenance and a high degree of reliability, making them a staple in operations ranging from wastewater management to industrial processing. Rovtech Solutions' jetpumps are crafted to offer robust performance, ensuring streamlined operations in the most demanding settings.

Seajet Series of Products

The Seajet series offers a powerful and versatile jetpump solution designed for silt and sludge removal in harsh environments, such as nuclear facilities. With two variants, ROV Mounted and Handheld, the Seajet is adaptable to various applications. The jetpump features a back flush valve to remove blockages and can move large amounts of material over long distances.

Jet Pumps


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