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Cluster Light Seabeam

Customizable, high-brightness underwater LED cluster lighting

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Cluster Light Seabeam
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The Cluster Light Seabeam offers powerful and customizable LED cluster lighting for underwater applications, providing up to 34,000 lumens with a standard four-array configuration that can be expanded to meet specific needs.


The RSL LED Cluster Light is available as a standard, with a four-array LED configuration, producing 34,000 lumens. This powerful lighting solution can be customized by adding additional arrays, depending on your needs. The Cluster Light Seabeam can be deployed using our Carbon Fibre Deployment Poles, allowing it to be suspended where the light is needed most. The temperature of the individual units is controlled through the free-flooding stainless steel box, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in various underwater environments.

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Cluster LED Lights
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Cluster Light Seabeam
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Name Value
Connector MCBH16M
Dimensions 180mm x 180mm x 50mm (exc. Connector & bracket)
Current draw 10A
Light output 34000 lumens
Body material Stainless Steel
Input voltage 36 Vdc
Port material Tough Glass
Pressure rating 50m
Control system / protocol Current Limiting (see JB)
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